What is CNC Wood Cutting Machine – Everything That You Need to Know

If you are an owner of any wooden furniture business or a carpenter, then you might know why a focus on getting the best quality of wood cutting machinery is essential to have. It helps you with many projects that have many other benefits to offer. One of the best types of machines that might be in consideration is the wood carving machine. 

It’s what gives your business a boost and makes it more convenient to manage your projects. The flexibility provided by such operations is offered to make wood carving and carpentry projects easier. Moreover, wood cutting machines come in a wide range of models, one of which is CNC wood carving machines. 

What is CNC Wood Cutting Machine?

The CNC wood carving machine is used to offer a service that helps create different designs that are not easy to get manually. One of the basic reasons people cherry-pick this machine is that it’s quite durable and user-friendly to get the work done in a more precise time span. Another main reason for choosing this machine on priority is its ‘work accuracy.’ 

With a CNC cutting machine, you can set the measurements beforehand so that you don’t have to keep cautious all the time. Once you begin it working, it starts cutting with quality according to the measurements provided by you. Not only this, it reduces the overall wastage of wooden parts and their components that is taken as a norm when it comes to making a furniture piece or wooden furniture. 

Types of CNC Cutting Machine:

CNC cutting machine is found in many different types; all of them are working with a router that has a motor fixed in it. A router is used as a major cutting tool, as its rotation allows a cutting tool to engrave inside the wood. Basically, they are divided into two groups, namely CNC wood router machines and CNC mini wood router cutting machines. 

They are further divided into many other branches like CNC wood router, ATC CNC router, multi-head CNC cutting machine, etc. All of these machines are beneficial, durable, and cost-effective to use. They might have different features according to what you need but work with a similar principle. 

Working Principle of CNC Cutting Router:

As stated above, a CNC wood router is found in various types but has a similar working principle based on 3 axes. The cutting machine has a motor fixed in it that moves on the Z-axis, which indicates that the cutting tool can go up and down without any aggravation. On the contrary, we have Y-axis that allows the cutting tool and the engine placed inside a box to run along with it only, and that is why this machine works on the 3-axes principle. 

Materials That Are Cut Through CNC Cutting Machine:

Does this machine only work on wood? The answer is NO! it doesn’t only cut the woods but any material that is as hard as wood. However, remember that it cannot cut a metal because the wood router doesn’t have much strength to cut it. But yes, it can drill not only woods but other materials – including acrylic, PVC board, double-color board, glass, crystals, rubber board, fireboard, medium-density fiber, and fire boards. 

4 Main Applications of CNC cutting machine:

CNC router for woodworking has a broadside of application, as we use wood almost everywhere. From signboards to restaurants’ furniture, a plank of carved wood is used to enhance the interior and even exterior design. Let’s explore some of the CNC applications in which we use CNC wood cutting machine:

1.      For Production and Manufacturing: 

Almost every leading wood-making company and industry use this machine to make wholesale products to get the enormous sale. The products might include windows, shelves, frames, chairs, book holders, beds, handy crafts, doors, and whatnot. You might come across a few brands that offer you unique designs and timely delivery, as they’re using cutting machines to fasten their work. 

2.      For decorations:

We are quite familiar with wooden architectures and sculptures used in different areas of various cities. The areas might cover museums, schools, restaurants, hotels, banks, and even monuments to make them a piece that promptly attracts human eyes. In the parks, carved wooden benches are set to influence the visitors with both comfort and beauty at the same time. 

3.      For Musical Instrument Making:

Guitars, flutes, keyboards, harmonium, and many other musical instruments are made with wood. However, many of the buyers want to have their name written on their musical instruments that impact customization, so they might go for one that is tailor-made with carved wood. To get done with tailor-made designs, all you need to have is a wood carving machine. 

4.      For Furniture Designing:

As we all know, furniture made of quality wood is used in almost everyone’s home. If we talk about decorating a home, we might want something unique and aesthetic to make each place look attractive and engaging. For that, carved wood is used to design doors, gates, flower vases, mugs, windows, reading tables, dining tables, chair legs, corners of the bed, and sofas; these are the applications where CNC cutting machine is required the most. 

Mar 16,2021

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What Is CNC Wood Cutting Machine – Everything That You Need To Know

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