Top 10 best CNC websites of 2023

Daily, thousands or millions of metal parts are produced in the world by wholesale suppliers. All of them use CNC machines to get fast and precise production. All they need is a design of a metal or plastic part, and they get the production of it within a few minutes or seconds. Many buyers around the world look for this kind of supplier who has rapid service with first-class quality metal. They search online via different B2B websites, which is a simple and fast way of it. To make it simpler, we have made our list of the top 10 best CNC websites of 2023 for you. If you are searching for a metal parts supplier with a customization service, we have added all the possible names we could provide.



Starting with Satimaco, which is also known as Satimaco Industries Co., Ltd. This Taiwanese company can produce metal parts with milling, tapping, turning, and machining modes of CNC machines. To illustrate, they have options for metals like aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, carbon steel, etc. You can choose any kind of metal for your order. To save them from corrosion, they also provide electroplating on metal parts you need. It is necessary to have international standards, and Satimaco already has certifications in ISO, SGS, ROHS, etc. They can manufacture metal parts with customization service for any shape, design, and size. This also adds micromachining to their system. They have the capability of 10,000 pieces per day, which is pretty huge. If you want to have OEM and ODM services, they can manufacture metal parts with high tolerance. 


Dongguan Jianzhao

The second one is Dongguan Jianzhao Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd. Buyers can have manufacturing service of fasteners, brackets, and general metal parts via CNC machines. This company offers services of metal parts production with cutting, turning, and milling methods. Various industries like automobiles, aerospace, and medical tools can reach this supplier for production. You can find metal varieties like aluminum, brass, and stainless steel at Dongguan Jianzhao. Their many benefits and options made us include them in our list of the top 10 best CNC websites of 2023. They can manufacture plastic parts too. The same CNC machines are used for different plastic parts with high precision and customization.


GX OEM Machinery

This website also provides customization services in the production of metal parts. Xiamen GX Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is another useful supplier for many buyers in the industry. They have ISO 9001 certification with a production capacity of 100,000 pieces a month. Buyers from different industries can get customization of metal parts with CNC machines. Normally, they use milling and lathe-turning modes of CNC machines. Since they are an OEM, they have micro working facilities also. To make metal parts safe from moisture and chemicals, they have anodized plating, chemical film, and polishing too. Industries like automotive, tools, machines, and metal objects can visit this website.


Fuyuan Casting

The fourth website is Fuyuan Casting or Zhongshan Fuyuan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. They are also a fine manufacturer of metal parts with CNC machines. To keep up with the competition, they also have international certifications like ROHS. They have enough capacity to manufacture metal parts of 304 stainless steel. You can explore their website for more details. If you are looking to have a customization service, they can do custom production with CNC machines. Provide your design and type of metal parts, they might successfully deliver it.


Ruilin CNC

If you need machine parts and fasteners, here is another website. Xiamen Ruilin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that uses 3-axis and 5-axis machining methods. This company has the capacity to produce parts for industries like surgical tools, automobiles, construction tools, aircraft parts, etc. They have certification of ISO 9001-2015 and provide customized manufacturing. They provide options for metal types like titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy, etc. In their production, they use CNC modes like turning, lathe machining, etc.


Lead Win Fabrication

Dongguan Leadwin Plastic Hardware Products Co. Ltd. is the sixth website on this list for you. If you want to explore more, this can be your chosen one. Their metal parts are of great quality, and they manufacture with high precision. Careful methods and global standards are their reason for being a metal parts manufacturer. This website shows its focus on prime-quality production of metal parts with CNC machines in a short time. We decided to include it in our list of the top 10 best CNC websites of 2023. If someone is searching for CNC metal parts, this can be a viable solution for them.


Elyts Manufacturing

A website from Hong Kong with enough potential to manufacture high-quality metal parts is Elyts Holdings (Hongkong) Ltd. Their OEM services can be taken for kitchenware, auto parts, machine parts, electric parts, etc. Their catalog shows various parts of metal, which are manufactured by different modes of CNC machines. These modes include drilling, milling, lathe, stamping, etc. Since this service is for customized production also, many people from the metal parts industry can reach their website.  


ST Metal Tech

The list is about to end, and if you are still searching for more, here is Xiamen Shuangying Technology Co., Ltd. Their metal fabrication service offers a multitude of options in metal types. Such as, you can choose copper, zinc, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc. It shows that they have a wide production size for multiple types of metal parts. They are an OEM with customized production options. Their production includes electroplating, polishing, powder coating, and painting services. This website deserved to be on our list of the top 10 best CNC websites of 2023. This website shows that it has certifications for production like ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949, which is a good sign. The methods they use in production are stamping, CNC machining, laser cutting, etc. 


YNF Machinery

For metal, plastic, and rubber parts, you can have a look at YNF Machinery (Guangzhou Xiebang Machinery Co., Ltd.). They are producers of different parts for heavy machinery like excavators. If you have to place an order for customized or general designs of machine parts, this website is useful. 

From rubber couplings to hydraulic parts, there is almost everything a buyer needs. This production is done with CNC machines via different methods. Similarly, this website shows that it has certification of ISO 9001, which is a positive thing. 


Shiyang Auto Parts

The last website you can find for metal and plastic parts via CNC machine is Jinan Shiyang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. They have the capability to produce Heavy duty vehicle auto parts in different shapes and sizes along with customization. To illustrate, you can find gearbox assemblies, rings, repair kits, etc. All of these parts along with customized metal parts are in the catalog of this website. They use heavy-duty metal, so the parts can survive extreme temperatures and pressure. This website is probably a good one for auto parts. This was the last website in our list of the top 10 best CNC websites of 2023

This list is over, and you can decide which website is suitable for you. Hopefully, these are lucrative options for your future trades. 

Mar 30,2023

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Top 10 Best CNC Websites Of 2023

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