10 Best CNC Turning Parts for Woodworking

CNC machining has been there for a very long period, yet a lot of us are not familiar with what this process is and what its purpose is. When we look at the various type of machinery and their complex parts, it often makes up wonder how these parts are made and what process is involved. It Is by the CNC machining as CNC machining is not only for the machining parts but is also an important manufacturing process for those who want to make productive things without hands. However, it is very important for a beginner to know the basics of CNC machining. By being familiar with what a CNC machine is and what it does, one would be able to set up the expectations accordingly.


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What is CNC Machining?

CNC, which means Computer Numerical Control, is a type of machining that is a subtractive process of the manufacturing process that uses computerized machining tools, which makes them a custom-designed part. It is based on the mechanism in which a computer takes the help of the customized codes to direct the machining tools to chip at the material that is being worked upon until the material can pull out the designed part from the input. It works in a way that its operations are divided into four basic mechanisms that are;

  1. Creating CAD Designs I create a design on a computer, whether it is 2D or 3D in terms of formatting. For this purpose, CAD software is used. 
  2. Converting CAD into CNC programming, which is a compatible file format, the CNC program will be able to generate the codes for programming that are required for the process.
  3. Set up the CNC machine by either running a check on the CNC machine, establishing its condition, or fixing the machine's workpiece. 
  4. Execution of the operations as soon as a CNC machine is set up, one is free to run a CNC program that is the control center for all the actions.


When it comes to the option of wood cutting, there are various types of CNC  Turning part that are used; however, the best among them are

  1. CNC wood lathe cutter: it is a machine tool that rotates a workpiece around an axis of rotation in order to perform various different operations like cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, turning, etc. 
  2. Normal lathe cutters: These are the single structured tools that are made up using high-speed steel that is used for soft wood or sometimes for semi-hardwood as well.
  3. Carbide welding woodturning tools: these are the type of tools that have the blades welded on the slot of high-speed steel. It is to cut the harder wood or to lower the cost of the process at the same time. 
  4. Wood rod cutters this is the framing tool that is more complicated than others as not only the working length is higher but also because of the fact that the length of the blade is also wider. 
  5. 3 in 1 wood lathe cutters are the best when it comes to the cutting of soft wood or semi-hard wood. 
  6. Carbide wood lathe knife: These are also the type of tools that are used to work over soft or semi-hard wood. 


The other types of tools include carbide blades, woodturning lathe knives, Forming turning tools, and indexable knives.

Comparison of different types of CNC turning part for woodworking

When comparing various different parts and tools, we get to see that not only do they differ in terms of structure and design, but they also differ in the purpose that they are used. The ones that are built with the axis for the workpiece are the type that has the workpiece rotates. For instance: a CNC wood lathe cutter: is a machine tool that rotates a workpiece around an axis of rotation in order to perform various different operations like cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, turning, etc., the same way some are designed to be used over the hard wood whereas others are designed to be used over the soft wood. All of them are designed accordingly. 


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Applications for CNC turning part for woodworking

Although there are various different applications of this CNC turning part for 

woodworking but is mainly used for:

cylindrical workpiece, 

bowl sharp, 

tubular sharp,

baseball bats, 

stair spindles, 

wood balusters

Roman columns

wood cups, wood bowls

wood vases

table legs

sofa legs

chair legs

ottoman legs

furniture legs

barrels, beads

gourd pendants

wood pens



May 30,2022

Osten Oliver

10 Best CNC Turning Parts For Woodworking

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